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Custom Leather Repair | Alterations

Along with custom leather creation, I do custom leather repair and custom leather alterations.  Above are only a few of the leather repairs and leather alterations I've done.  The motorcycle bag was brought to me with the top lid zip tied and duct taped do watcha gotta do to get home, right.   So I repaired it with 6 oz. full grain leather and conditioned it.  It's good for a few more years.  The others are repairs and alterations.  The brown, blinged out belt I made longer.  Most of the items I repair are local, but I can also repair and/or alter something for you if you not local.  This world is getting smaller and smaller.  I like a challenge, so contact me here , attach images and give me all the info you can.  If there is a story behind the item, I would like to know that also.  I like stories.